The rules for participation in the 9th Festival Internacional de Cine Pequeño, to be held in Aspe (Alicante), from 15th to 19th of August 2022* are as follows:

*For security reasons and due to COVID-19, the date of celebration may be affected, being postponed to another date of 2022, or it may be done online; prior notice to the selected films, which must give their consent on possible changes.

1. Films

1.1 Duration and genre

Short films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes and genres of fiction, documentary and animation are admitted.

1.2 Production date

The works must have been produced after January 1st, 2020.

1.3 Nationality and language

The festival is international, so works of any nationality are accepted. When the original language of the short film is different from Spanish or Valencian, it must include subtitles in either of these two languages.

2. Registration

2.1 Registration platforms

The registration of films will be done through the Festhome platform. Other means of registration aren’t accepted, except for production companies, distributors, film schools and public organizations that have a portfolio of at least 5 short films, which may send screener viewing links to the following email festivaldecine@aspe.es

2.2 Number of works per contestant

Each director, producer or distributor may register as many works as they wish.

2.3 Registration start and deadline

The registration period for short films opens on May 2nd, 2022 and will close on May 31st, 2022.

3. Films selection

A selection committee will be in charge of viewing the films and selecting the finalists to join the festival’s program. The resolution of the committee will be notified to all the contestants through the registration platforms and before publishing the list of selected titles.

The selected works will require a projection copy in a .mov or .mp4 format that they can send using any digital means of sending files.

3.1 Exhibition rights

The selected short films will transfer the exhibition rights only within the festival program. In no case will the Festival Internacional de Cine Pequeño transfer the work to third parties, nor will it distribute it in whole or in parts through the Internet or other digital media.

3.2 Responsibility over the works

Contestants are responsible for the fact that there are no third-party rights over the works presented, with the contestant being the one that responds to possible claims.

4. Sections

  • Official Short Films Section: competitive section of international short films. This section will allocate a percentage of short films for titles produced or directed by filmmakers born or registered in the Valencian Community.
  • Local Cinema Section: competitive section for short films directed or participated in its technical or artistic team by those born or registered in the Aspe municipality.
  • Short Films for Equality Section: competitive section of international short films on gender equality issues.

5. Awards

  • Jury Award for the Best Short Film in the Official Section: 500€ + trophy.
  • Audience Award for Best Short Film in the Official Section: 500€ + trophy.
  • Award for the Best Short Film of the Valencian Community: 500€ + trophy.
  • Award for Best Local Short Film: one year distribution on a festival registration platform + trophy.
  • Best Short Film Award from the Short Films Section for Equality: 500,00€ + trophy.

The organization of the Festival Internacional de Cine Pequeño reserves the right to grant the special mentions it deems appropriate.

5.1 Official Section Jury

This jury will be made up of at least three members related to the film industry, film criticism and culture.From their deliberation will result in the winner of the Jury Award for the Best Short Film in the Official Section and the winner of the Award for Best Short Film from the Valencian Community.

5.2 Jury of the Short Films for Equality Section

This jury will be made up of members of local groups that work on gender equality values, as well as technicians from the Department of Equality of the Excmo. Aspe Town Hall. From their deliberation will result the winner of the Best Short Film Award from the Short Films for Equality Section.

5.3 Awards given by the public

During the festival, and at the end of each screening, the public will vote for their favorite short film. Using an arithmetic formula based on the number of spectators and the number of votes, the winning short film will be the Audience Award for Best Short Film in the Official Section and the winner of the Best Local Short Film Award.

5.4 Decision and awards ceremony

The decision of the different awards will be made official during the closing ceremony, on August 19th, 2022. The festival organization will contact the winners, prior to that date, in order to facilitate their attendance to collect the award. Failure to attend the award ceremony won’t imply any loss over the award payment rights.

6. Award payment

The financial endowment of each of the awards will be made to the director of the film; although, this one, will be able to transfer said payment to the producer or distributor by means of the form “Transmission of Collection Rights”, which the Excmo. Town Hall of the Villa de Aspe will provide.

7. Acceptance of the rules

The registration of the film implies acceptance of these rules.

8.Against these rules, their announcement and how many administrative acts derive from it and from the actions of the jury, the interested parties may challenge them in the cases and in the manner established in Law 39/2015 of October 1 of the Common Administrative Procedure.

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Department of Festivities of the Hon. Town Hall of Villa de Aspe

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Department of Culture

Department of Equality

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